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Child and Youth Counselling

Helping Child&Youth navigate life transitions, setbacks & relationship

  • 50 min
  • Virtual or In-person session

Service Description

We create a safe and caring environment for your child or teen to work through problems and discover their truest thoughts and feelings while also helping guide you as parents. Children and teenagers experience and communicate emotional distress differently. They may struggle socially, have difficulty learning, act aggressively towards others, develop rituals, use alcohol or drugs, cling to caregivers, self-harm, or have negative beliefs and feelings about themselves. These behaviors and feelings can interfere with their sense of well-being and capacity for emotional, social, and intellectual development. Therapy can be effective when problems do not resolve with time and support from parents, teachers, or friends. We provide your child or teen with the tools, coping skills, and therapeutic outlet to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Through play and talk therapy, we help our young clients understand the causes of their distress and to learn coping skills to deal in healthy ways in the future. The goal is to show lasting changes in their emotional states and behaviors.

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